Gob Smacked Mouth Guards


Listed below are some of the elite sports people who wear Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards. 

    • Soa Palelei – World Mix Martial Arts Champion – Defeated Sean McCorker in the latest World UFC and MMa Championships.
      Record KO in the 1st round.

    • Daniel Dawson – World Kickboxing Champion & Ranking is #15 in the W.B.A (world boxing association).
    • Record is 37 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw and 24 KO’s

    • Mark De Mori – Professional Heavy Weight Boxer – World Title Contender
    • Naomi Fischer Rasmussen – Only Woman Boxer in the 2012 Olympic Games  – from Perth Western Australia
    • Xavier Lucas – Pan Pacific Champion shooto, Japan
    • Erin McGowan – Professional Boxer, Numerous Titles
    • Chris John – 17th times World Champion Boxer;
    • Des Abbott – Beijing Olympics Hockey;  Hockey Squad for the London Olympics
    • Fergus Kavanagh – Beijing Olympics Hockey ; Australian Olympicv Team in Hockey for the London Olympics
    • Jeremy Allan Australian Professional Boxer , National Martial Arts Instructor, and team player for the High Wycombe Football Club – “as quoted by Jeremy the best Football mouthguard he has ever worn” Thank you Robert