The GOBSMACKED team are all to familiar with the problems associated with ill-fitting or poorly manufactured mouthguards. GOBSMACKED sports mouthguards are made to scientifically researched dimensions and materials which are recognised by sports medicine organisations worldwide and presented in sports medicine and dental journals (British Journal Sports Medicine 2002: 36:51-53, Australian Dental Journal 1997: 42:(3):189-91). It is for this reason that GOBSMACKED sports mouthguard have inherent designs to reduce injury.

What to do if a tooth is knocked out:

Wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports will help protect against injury but if an accident does happen and a tooth is knocked out, the Australian Dental Association advises the following steps to try to save it:

  • Remain calm and act quickly
  • Find the tooth and hold it by the crown (smooth white part that is visible in the mouth)
  • If the root is dirty and the patient conscious and calm, ask them to gently suck the tooth clean; or rinse the tooth in milk; or rinse very quickly in water
  • Replace the tooth the right way in the socket within 5 to 10 minutes
  • Hold the tooth in place by gently biting on a soft cloth or aluminum foil placed over the tooth and those on either side
  • If you cannot relocate the tooth keep it moist in a glass of milk, sealed with plastic wrap or if conscious, in the patient’s mouth next to the cheek.
  • Seek urgent dental treatment.

Any dental injury requires an urgent trip to the dentist or an after hours clinic.

The following may be of assistance:

Princess Margaret Hospital 9340 8222
Life Care Dental 9221 2777