Available exclusively from GOBSMACKED, the D.I.Y Air guard is suitable for most orthodontic patients or sports persons who’s jaw is expected to change rapidly. The D.I.Y Airguard is a part of the unique air-cell system range, providing 30% extra protection. Available in Junior and Senior sizes.

“An improved mouthguard material”
Autralian Dental Journal 1997;42:(3):189-91

It’s unique material is reformulated offering easy adaption for excellent anatomical moulding, offering superior fit and comfort.

GOBSMACKED distributes the D.I.Y Air guard to the dental profession, retail outlets and sports clubs. For further information and distribution details please contact GOBSMACKED.

How to mould your D.I.Y Air

*Practise procedure before moulding.

Things you need: • Your Thermo D.I.Y mouthguard • Large spoon • Boiling water Things you need: • Your D.I.Y Air mouthguard • Large spoon • Boiling unit


Place mouthguard in mouth over upper teeth to test size. Trim excess length and height with scissors until the Thermo D.I.Y Air is comfortable. Avoid cutting into air cells.


Place the mouthguard into boiling water and let boil as follows:
10 seconds – Senior D.I.Y Air and Junior D.I.Y Air
-Remove from boiling water with spoon and carefully shake off hot water while maintaining original shape and contour.


Place D.I.Y Air mouthguard into mouth on upper teeth ensuring it is centered and evenly placed in the mouth. Bite down gently to obtain an even bite.

Gobsmacked recommends: Step 4 to be completed within 35 seconds.


Immediately suck into place by excerting vigorous suction with:
A) lips and cheeks against front and sides of mouthguard (like sucking on a drinking straw).
and B) tongue against the roof of the mouth,
Alternate between sucking and gentle biting.


D.I.Y air – rinse under cold water or – leave in mouth and drink cold water until D.I.Y Air Mouthguard has cool..


Place your Thermo D.I.Y Air in the protective box to keep clean and maintain shape.
Process may be repeated if additional fitting is needed.