GOBSMACKED sports mouthguards are professionally made  to suit the individual sports person. We firmly believe that all sports people from novice to elite should be fitted with professionally custom made mouthguards.

Our qualified & experienced staff use the latest technologies in the manufacturing of our products so that our customers receive only the best quality product. GOBSMACKED sports mouthguards will help to protect and reduce mouth related injuries resulting from vigorous sporting activities. Our professionally made mouthguards do not impede speech or breathing. Your name and phone number can also be imprinted on your  personally made mouthguard.

How are they made?
Using gel type material, an impression “mould” is taken of the mouth. From the impression an accurate model of the mouth is constructed. With ethyl vinyl acetate material and thermo forming technologies, the ethyl vinyl acetate  is heated and accurately sucked down onto the model of the mouth. Once the thermo forming procedure is finished, the GOBSMACKED custom mouthguard is fabricated to the sports persons specific requirements.