Gob Smacked Mouth Guards


GOBSMACKED sports mouthguards is a locally owned and operated Company with dental prosthetists and technicians who have had a wealth of experience in this field of dentistry. Scott Armanasco (Director/Dental Prosthetist) of GOBSMACKED is a former WAFL Premiership Player and student of several Martial Arts and Boxing styles who knows all too well the confidence, protection and comfort a custom made sports mouthguard can give a sports person to enhance peak performance.

The Gobsmacked team are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of protection from your mouthguard together with providing the very best in customer service and support. Whatever the level of your sporting endeavor, it is our aim to provide you with a mouthguard design that will provide you with the confidence for peak performance. Balancing comfort, function and design is our strength.

  • Gobsmacked sports mouthguards are health providers for all private health funds, insuring rebates back on your mouthguards.

The GOBSMACKED team are all to familiar with the problems associated with ill-fitting or poorly manufactured mouthguards.  GOBSMACKED sports mouthguards are made to scientifically researched dimensions and materials which are recognised by sports medicine organisations worldwide and presented in sports medicine and dental journals (British Journal Sports Medicine 2002: 36:51-53, Australian Dental Journal 1997: 42:(3):189-91).  It is for this reason that GOBSMACKED sports mouthguard have inherent designs to reduce injury.

  • Entrust your mouth and teeth protection with the experts in sports mouthguards.